Who can install roof anchor points

Experienced technicians with knowledge and training in working at heights and fall protection systems are the ones who can install roof anchor points. In jurisdictions, it is required for trained professionals who’re well versed in safety regulations and have prior experience working with the specific type of anchor points to handle the installation.

Installing roof anchor points demands expertise and training to ensure placement and secure attachment. While some individuals may consider undertaking the installation themselves, engaging professionals with experience in fall protection systems and roof safety is highly recommended. This recommendation especially holds for settings where safety regulations and standards are stringent.

Here are a few types of professionals who might be qualified to carry out the installation of roof anchor points;

Certified Roofers

Professional roofing contractors often possess experience working at heights. They can include the installation of roof anchor points as part of their services.

Fall Protection Specialists

Some companies specialise in providing fall protection solutions, including installing roof anchor points. They have the expertise required to ensure installation while adhering to safety standards.

Construction Companies

Companies specialising in construction and building services may also possess the expertise to install roof anchor points for projects.

Safety Equipment Suppliers

Regarding safety equipment suppliers, some companies not only provide gear and fall protection systems but also offer installation services, including roof anchor points.

Licensed Contractors

It’s important to consider hiring contractors who possess the required licenses or certifications for your location. This ensures that qualified professionals handle the job.

Industrial Rope Access Technicians

One option worth exploring is industrial rope access technicians. These technicians undergo training in industrial rope access techniques enabling them to work at heights and install roof anchor points in challenging locations.

When engaging a professional for roof anchor point installation, there are a few things to keep in mind;

  • Check their credentials and certifications related to fall protection and safety systems.
  • Request examples of their installations.
  • Ensure they are well versed with safety regulations and standards.
  • Obtain an estimate of the installation cost and timeline.
  • Discuss any requirements. Needs you may have for your unique situation.

Remember that properly installing roof anchor points is paramount for ensuring the safety of individuals working at heights. Investing in installation is a decision in this regard.

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