Abseiling Building Maintenance

Abseiling building maintenance usually includes routine activities involving work at heights this is something that Arrow Abseiling can complete for your company. However, there are occasions in which remedial repair needs to be completed and methods like scaffolding and cherry pickers are not suitable due to terrain or access issues.  Maintenance and repair requires skilled staff and you can rely on Arrow Abseiling to deliver quality work.


At Arrow Abseiling we offer property remedial services which includes anything from face-lifts, revamps and general maintenance at heights. One of the main reasons that you could require concrete repair is concrete cancer which is characterised by cracks and fractures in the concrete caused by rusted steel reinforcing.

Maintenance and remedial repair could also include different works such as window sealing, downpipe installation, render repairs, silicone sealing, survey, visual and concrete inspection. Arrow Abseiling is able to assist you in any maintenance abseiling Sydney or remedial repair work you might require.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of repairs do you carry out?

We carry out many different maintenance and repair work at heights. This could include window sealing, downpipe installation, paint touch ups, render repairs, silicone sealing, survey and visual inspections.

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