Strata Window Cleaning Sydney

With the increase in population in our state, condominium and high-rise apartments are becoming hot in the suburban estates of Sydney. For example, Parramatta in Western Sydney has seen an increase in high-rise apartments, which have great amenities and multiple units. While this eases the population management of the city, this concept of high-rise residential apartments is still relatively new in Australia.

Fortunately, we have over seven years of experience working with clients, delivering window cleaning expertise relating to how we can help manage their building window cleaning better. Along with the reagents and tools, we provide our clients with a schedule and an overview on a plan of how we can manage your building throughout the year. 

What’s more is that we like to work closely with you, and understand what you think is best suited for your window cleaning needs.

We also understand that some building management work in a different way than others, and different strata laws apply. Whichever the case, we look forward to customising a window cleaning plan with you. That is one worry off your plate when it comes to managing the property! 

Apartment Window Cleaning

Apartments, like residential high-rise, is unique. Apartments don’t come all in the same size, and we understand that it is almost always customised differently. We are delighted to work with you closely, to understand better what your apartment window cleaning maintenance needs are. With the different environment and weather conditions, we are happy to explore what the best cleaning reagents are for you and work toward delivering excellence to you.

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