High Rise Window Cleaning in Sydney

With the increase in population density in the greater areas of Sydney, we are starting to see high rise buildings crawl through our skyline. While the buildings’ windows gleam beautifully in the sun, the materials on these tall buildings are exposed to harsh weather conditions and toxic particles up in the air that can stain them. These can taint the glass to make it look murky, often deceiving the current view of the weather and blocking out more sunlight from entering. Luckily, window cleaning services, like those provided by Arrow Abseiling, cater to cleaning windows present in such high rise buildings. 

Given the rise of the tech age, as more and more people now prefer to stay indoors on their laptops. Arrow Abseiling looks to deliver the best quality window cleaning services for your high rise building, so that all users within the building can enjoy its aesthetics to the maximum. 

After all, people want to be in a clean environment! Let’s explore high rise window cleaning further and the types of service we provide here at Arrow Abseiling to help you manage your building better. 

With the industrial boom in the early 20th century, high-rise buildings came to life. The early skyscrapers were often built for commercial purposes, and since day one, they have always had windows. Conventionally, window cleaners used to stand on the window ledges and grab onto the frame for support to clean the windows. Can you imagine that? This was obviously not safe and leather belts were eventually introduced to help with the cleaning process. These leather belts were hooked onto to anchor bolts and held the worker safely in air. Later, scaffolds were introduced for even more safety and convenience.

With technological and construction advances in the past century, high-rise windows are now cleaned in a much safer and more effective manner. Incorporating the concepts of abseiling, current day window cleaners use ropes and a floating platform to assist them with the cleaning process of windows on modern skyscrapers. 

Even though window cleaning on a platform is a popular method for window cleaning, sometimes, some areas might be missed using this method. Here at Arrow Abseiling, we offer a professional service for cleaning high rise windows, and we manage to access even the most hard-to-reach areas on the side of your skyscraper that others can’t using via our industrial abseiling techniques.