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Concrete restoration is getting more attention now than ever before.

We’re seeing a sharp increase in the need for repairing Sydney concrete structures, and we believe this trend will continue.

As a concrete spalling/cancer repairs expert with years of experience servicing Sydney and NSW customers, Arrow Abseiling strives to make concrete repairs as simple and easy as possible.

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Effective Concrete Repair Solutions for Sydney Property Owners

It doesn’t matter if you require solutions for a commercial property, residential property, or civil structure; or whether the building structure is small or large.

Our solutions deliver the same amount of effectiveness, allowing us to do our job quickly and efficiently so that you can get back to doing what you do best.

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What Is Concrete Cancer?

If you see signs of orange or red rust in your concrete, you might be suffering from concrete spalling. This condition occurs when reinforcing steel rusts inside slabs, causing the concrete to degrade around it and break away.

Concrete cancer is a worsening of concrete spalling. When steel rusts, the rust expands, displacing the surrounding concrete and causing it to become brittle and crack.

To treat concrete cancer and spalling, schedule concrete repair with our professionals today.

What Are the Signs of Concrete Cancer?

Common signs of concrete cancer include:

·         Bubbling

·         Cracking or crumbling in the cement work (concrete spalling)

·         Leaks appearing on overhead surfaces as rusting steel expands

·         Loose concrete near retaining or external walls

·         Loose or swelling bricks

·         Rust stains leaking from the steel beams within the concrete

·         Warping floors

Noticing these signs of concrete cancer on your property is a sign that there is a larger problem with your steel reinforcement and foundation, particularly if it’s on multiple spots.

In such cases, you should take action to determine the source of the problem and schedule concrete repairs before the situation worsens.

Unattended signs of concrete cancer can potentially become much worse, causing the soil to slump and your retaining or external walls to collapse.

What Causes Concrete Cancer?

Here are some of the factors that can cause this condition:

·         Inadequate preparation of reinforcing steel during concrete pouring

·         Incompatible metals in close proximity, causing corrosion

·         A poorly poured substrate that allows moisture penetration through the cracks

·         Reinforcing ends that are too close to the surface, causing cracks and accelerating corrosion due to moisture penetration in concrete surfaces

·         Stress fractures from bearing weight or general wear-and-tear

Professional Concrete Cancer Repairs in Sydney

How do we treat concrete cancer? The solution to concrete cancer involves the removal of the old concrete and the installation of a new concrete surface.

It’s an expensive process but necessary to save your building.

Furthermore, it involves not only breaking up crumbled concrete due to steel rust and expansion but also carrying out steel reinforcement and maintenance on whatever concrete slab remains.

Detailed Concrete Spalling/Cancer Remediation Process

At Arrow Abseiling, our job is to fix your building defects.

To do that, we follow a detailed concrete spalling remediation process:

Removal of Damaged Material

We remove the damaged concrete to expose the affected enforcement steel.

Steel Reinforcement Treatment/Replacement

We then clean and treat the exposed steel reinforcement with protective coatings if it is still viable; otherwise, we remove and replace it.

Concrete Surface Restoration

We then restore the damaged surfaces using cement mortar, epoxy mortar, or concrete. The extent of the repairs will depend on the size of the damage and the structural requirements.

Our professionals use special epoxy resins and mortars as well as specific injection techniques to get rid of the cracks.

We may also use electrochemical techniques to combat chloride contamination if your structure is near the ocean or polymer-modified protective coatings if low concrete cover/ concrete carbonation is the problem.


Depending on your location and building defects, we may also recommend waterproofing after completing the repairs to prevent further damage to the porous material.

Want to Know More About Our Remediation Process? Get in Touch Today

At Arrow Abseiling, we have been repairing damaged concrete structures and building defects in residential and commercial structures for over 25 years now and have a great deal of experience with this specialist process.

We work on all types of buildings, including strata buildings, such as townhouses, duplexes, high-rises, low-rises, and villa buildings.

If you want to learn more about our concrete spalling or concrete cancer treatment process, schedule an appointment with our expert Engineers in Sydney and NSW today.

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How to Avoid Concrete Cancer in Buildings

Waterproofing is one of the best ways you can protect your investment in concrete, preventing cracking, leaks, and moisture seepage.

This procedure minimises water leakage, which is a leading cause of concrete cancer.

Also, ensure that you schedule regular maintenance and concrete repairs for any buildings you own to prevent this condition from worsening.

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Concrete Cancer Repair FAQs

What does concrete cancer look like?

Concrete spalling/cancer manifests as cracks in rendered concrete, rust stains, the bubbling of concrete render, and leaks in overhead concrete surfaces.

Does concrete cancer pose any danger to a building’s structural integrity?

Concrete spalling/cancer is a serious problem that can affect a building’s structural integrity. You must attend to the problem as soon as you notice it on your concrete surfaces.

How do you stop concrete cancer?

Waterproofing with a high-quality PVC sheet membrane is the most effective technique to prevent concrete cancer.

However, once it’s occurred, you must get a professional to carry out remedial works to stop the spread.

Can concrete cancer spread to the surrounding concrete?

Yes. However, the professional construction specialists at Arrow Abseiling can fix concrete cancer without having to knock down the affected structures. 

Our remedial experts will look out for the tell-tale signs and replace your concrete using expert techniques, such as concrete re-installation and rendering, polymer-modified coatings, and electrochemical treatments that suit your unique circumstances.

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