How to get your Window Spotless?

Window cleaning is one of those things that can be frustrating, with all the washing, spraying and wiping to at the end up with the streaks that you can’t get rid of. We have some pro-tips of how to clean glass, whether it’s a window, a mirror or any other glass surface.

It’s more about your tools than the elbow grease and with the right stuff in your bucket, you can get your glass streak-free. Here are our five pro-tips to give you streak free windows:

Tip 1:  

It’s pretty basic, the only way to make something clean is to use something clean. Use clean water and clean equipment. When we think about cleaning, do don’t think about the water that we use to clean.  When cleaning glass you see everything, so the water you use to clean can make a big difference.

Tip 2: 

One of the main things that we use to clean windows for industrial rope access is detergent. However, if you use too much you can leave a whole load of steaks on your glass. This isn’t a problem if you’re using vinegar (please see our Tip 3) or straight glass cleaner as there is no soap there. If you are using detergent, go easy as it doesn’t take too much to get rid of dust, dirt or grime. Having too much detergent will result in too much residue, which what we want to avoid.

Tip 3: A cost-effective alternative to expensive glass cleaners is vinegar. It is a great all-purpose cleaners that works well on glass and mirrors. Use a vinegar-water solution (50/50) and either use a spray bottle and or just wipe it on like you would any other cleaner. Please keep in mind that the vinegar smell will stay a round a a little while, so if this is not a smell you like there are ways you can mask the smell with essential oils or alternatively, use only outside or in well ventilated areas.

Tip 4: Use a squeegee, a microfibre cloth or newspaper to remove water and your choice of cleaner from your glass or mirror. Do not use anything that will leave behind lint, like paper towels. You can wear gloves if you are worried about getting ink on your hands if you’re using newspaper.

Tip 5: Sometimes, even if you do follow our tips above, you can still have a couple of streaks. The best thing to do in this circumstance is to give the window or mirror a quick buff. The best cloths to use here are either a chamois or a microfiber cloth, you can use a normal clean rag here as well. Make sure that the surface is dry and buff over the areas that have streaks, they should just disappear as you buff them.

Bonus tip: Your job will be a lot easier if you give your windows and mirrors a regular spray and wipe. This will mean that they will accumulate less dirt and grime and you’ll spend less time cleaning them next time.

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