How much does it cost to fix concrete cancer?

First of all, we need to understand how it works: Concrete cancer, crack or spalling sometimes its referred could occur from many sources as impact, environment pollution, from chemical attack as well as water.

This kind of damage is a concern depends on how difficult is to access, as overhead surfaces, main structures as pillar, balconies, windows slab and so on.

Usually to beam inside the wall get rusty from all the source cited above and start to push the concrete out. As the concrete surface start to cracking all the environment help its to get worse. Water begins to infiltrate into the wall making the beam get rustier.

About few months you going to see a big damage. even drummy concrete.

I would say to fix concrete cancer would take 4 stage.

1 stage: access the problem by breaking the damaged area of the concrete and see how damage is the problem.

2 stage: Once the problem is identified we need to clean all the rusty bean, breaking the concrete all around the beam. Doing this we can access the problem and start to treat concrete cancer.

3 stage: To treat the concrete cancer we need to treat the area affect by the rusty. You can use a wire brush or a screw drive with a wire brush. As soon we clean all the rusty beam it should be shine and then apply a paint protection to avoid contact with moist and air so the beam to get rusty again.

4 stage: Once the problem was treated, the bean needs to be covered, do some rendering for finish off the job.

Now. how much it would cost depends on where the concrete cancer is located. If it needs a scaffold or rope access. Usually, for a simple concrete repair, it takes between two a three days to get it repaired.

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